Red Lipstick: A Little History.  A few faves.

Red Lipstick: A Little History. A few faves.

Shades of Red: Our Favorite Red Lipsticks & A Little History for You

Red lipstick is one of the very famously worn lip colors all over the world. The reason why red color is such a huge favorite is because it makes an everlasting impression on the viewers. Other than that, red lipstick can also do wonders for a woman’s self confidence. It is known that women automatically end up feeling more composed and self assured.

Red color has been made into an evergreen fashion by icons like Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga. There was even a time when Queen Elizabeth popularized it so much that it was used in place of currency. She even went as far as applying it to her death bed! The Elizabethans believed that red lipstick had healing powers too.

Some of our favorites available at are:

  1. Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick Heart Edition

This is one of the most favorite shades available at Ulta. With a gleaming red color, it leaves an everlasting mark on the minds of the viewers and is very long lasting as well. Enclosed in a beautiful package, it is a great shade to pull off with a plain black dress.

  1. Ofra Cosmetics Rose Moisturizing Lipstick

Next up is another amazingly dark red lipstick by Ofra cosmetics. Since it has a moisturizing element added to it, with this lipstick you will never have to worry about your lips getting chapped and dry. It even has vitamin E. Ofra has out done themselves by even adding a delicious taste to it, though we advise you not to eat it!

  1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Revlon has been in the cosmetics industry for quite some time now and has become a famous brand among the masses. This lipstick is known to be amazing in terms of coverage and affordability.  Available in tons of dark reds, it will give your lips the vibrant and bold look that you aspire for.

5. AMMA JO #5 Signature Lipstick

NOW DRUM ROLL PLEASE…… we would be greatly remised if we didn’t include OUR VERY OWN AMMA JO Red #5 Signature Lipstick Truly an AMMA JO favorite. 

“I try to pick red hues that look great on every culture.  I love using color to empower my style!” AMMA JO



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