Now Trending: Sporty & Chick. Here's a few picks!

Now Trending: Sporty & Chick. Here's a few picks!

Now Trending: Sporty & Chic


Today, life is all about comfort. As technology progresses and the world moves forward, we keep looking for things that will open up avenues of comfort for us. The same thing is what women all around the world demand from the fashion industry. The concept of feeling comfortable while staying in the boundaries of fashion has become a top priority.

Since we're totally obsessed with OLIVE this spring- these cargo pants at Target totally caught our eye! Made from the softest material, these cargo pants give an aura of comfort while maintaining a chic look. With the help of the drawstrings on the front and banded ankles, it’ll be a perfect fit. An additional factor that gets everyone’s attention is the pockets on the sides.

One of our AMMA JO faves is our peony leggings. These peonies leggings, as the name indicates have a bright and colorful pattern of peonies on the front and the back. With a vibrant pink and green mixed with the white base of the leggings, it gives off the perfect summery look everyone wants right now. Made up of comfortable microfiber yarn, these have the two qualities that we want in our clothing; durability and beauty.




Next up is our personal favorite jump suit. In a dainty lavender pink color, this jumpsuit has long sleeves and an outstretched collar. There is a belt present for the waist to give a fitted look and a button down front as well for maximum comfort. There are also pockets on the jumpsuit which gives it a trendy look. Pair the jumpsuit with a plain white tank top to get the most out of it!

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