Purses & Pockets

Purses & Pockets

Purses and Pockets

Purses are a very major and crucial feature in our everyday lives, especially for women. They help us in carrying forward in our lives with ease and comfort as by the help of handbags or purses, an individual can very easily have a lot of things on hand and carry them from one place to the other.

We may think the fanaticism for handbags and purses may be recent as we see scarce distribution and huge lines outside of Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton, etc, but the truth is purses are as old as the hills. Initially, purses used to be a unisex item of clothing, and the male population was seen using them more than the women.  This would be in the form of bags or pouches strapped around the waist, etc.  

This slowly changed as pockets came into existence. With the invention of pockets, men started using less of purses and the handbags became a female accessory. But, during the older times, women used to wear huge skirts and it was considered inappropriate if they dressed in pants and trousers and thus, in order to have pockets as well, they would hook the pouches or pockets with their rings and stick the bags to their thighs. These pockets would be hidden under the skirts. This is where the name “thigh pockets” originated from.

This soon changed as time evolved and women became acquainted with dress pants and other sorts of clothing that didn’t restrict them to fluffy skirts. Moving forward from the 50s, the purses became more of a fashion accessory rather than a necessity when Chanel introduced the first bag known as the 2.55. Fashion designers started incorporating them in their schemes and the concept of “It” bags came into being.


Now, from Chanel to Gucci to Balenciaga and Prada, there are numerous designers in the industry who come up with exquisite designs and styles for handbags, be it unisex or for women. What started off as a necessity in the early Egyptian era is now an accessory without which outfits feel incomplete.





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