Tips When Asking Your Boss for A Raise

Tips When Asking Your Boss for A Raise

Tips On Asking Your Boss For A Raise

In the corporate world, one of the most profound and relatable experiences, most Black women face is a reduced pay. According to research, Black women are paid 39% less than White men and 21% less than White women. Essentially, more Black women find that they get paid less for the same job roles. Hence, one of the biggest obstacles Black women tend to face is asking for a raise. Why?... Well, usually, Black women are seen as being assertive and demanding in the workplace. So, a lot of Black women really find it difficult to voice out their opinions, because of this.

Fortunately, there are a few tips that has proven very effective if you decide to negotiate a pay rise:

Be Able To Showcase Your Value

The first step to getting a good pay raise is to show how valuable you are in your workplace. Basically, since most Black women are seen as unnecessarily demanding and assertive, the best way to state your case is with figures. The figures never lie, so you should be able to show how much you have given your company and the results. Also, your commitment and ability to drive results should be undeniable.

With more results, you can definitely be able to ask for a raise.

Do Your Research About Perks

The next step of asking for a raise is to carry out your research. Educate yourself by inquiring from other people, who work similar roles about the perks attached. Remember that the salary is only a part of your overall compensation package. Hence, you need to familiarize yourself with other perks like extra PTO days, car allowance, increased life insurance, etc. That way, you can build a strong case whenever you decide to request for a raise.

Set A Range You're Comfortable With

One major thing you should keep in mind is that your tax shouldn't be a part of your compensation package. Essentially, pick an amount you're comfortable with for your pay before adding tax. This is exactly why you need to do your homework, to avoid asking for less than you deserve. Also, you can pick a range for your compensation package during your presentation. For instance, you can set a compensation range of $54,000- $58,000, that way, your employers will realize you aren't willing to settle for less.

However, before presenting a compensation range, you must be able to provide enough viable reasons to explain why you deserve it.

Be Confident

The last tip you need to know before asking for a raise is that you have to be confident. While presenting your case, it is normal to have anxiety about doing & saying the right things. However, all you need is to know your worth and believe you deserve every dime you ask for.

Asking for a raise can be nerve racking and somewhat scary, however, if you want to get paid your worth, then you have to take that big step. Build your case, set up a meeting and be prepared for either a Yes or No. Whatever the outcome might be, set up another plan and keep pushing!



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